Offering benefits to employees is a key element in developing an engaged, productive and loyal workforce.

What if no one utilized any of their benefits? Would your benefits package be of any value to the individual employee or to the company?

Sequoyah Group realizes that open communication is vital to achieving your goals when it comes to human resources.

First, we listen. We believe that the more we listen, the more our partner businesses and their employees will benefit.

Next, we present solutions that are clear and easy to understand to help every client make the best choice for their specific needs.

Finally, we will meet face-to-face with every employee who wants personalized guidance through the benefits selection and enrollment process…and send them periodic reminders of all that’s available to them in their employee benefits plan.

  • One-on-One Enrollment for Employees
  • New Employee Support
  • Employee Benefits Guide
  • Individualized Benefit Statements
  • HR Posters/Flyers/Payroll Reminders

Communication with your employees – especially information regarding their rights under the Affordable Care Act –becomes part of the larger issue of compliance.